8 House Staging Tips for Busy Parents

8 House Staging Tips for Busy Parents

The realization that you need to stage your home can be a tough one for parents. It is a challenge keeping a house pristine and clutter-free for a few hours, let alone several weeks. However, staging a house with kids does not have to be a logistical nightmare. All it takes is some patience and organization.

Hire A Pro

This is not in everyone’s budget, but if you are willing to spend the money and you really do not have any idea where to start with staging, you can hire a professional. This does not come cheap – the national average cost is $959 – but it does remove a lot of the pressure and guarantees that your home is picture-perfect for buyers.

Embrace Minimalism

You are going to have to clear out a lot of clutter to stage your home, but do not be tempted to just pack it all up without going through it. This is an opportunity for you to declutter and simplify your life, so embrace this part of the staging process.

Adults may be more onboard with the idea of “purging” stuff than kids, so you might need a strategy to get them to embrace toy minimalism. Zen Habits has a great list of tips for doing this.

Compromise With Your Children

Moving can be hard for kids, so it is important for parents to learn to compromise. Is your child upset that you want to repaint their bedroom walls a neutral white? Agree to let them choose whatever color they want in the next room. You may also want to take some steps to make the move easier on them, like making a memory scrapbook of the house or visiting their favorite neighborhood spots.

Take The Kids Out

An easy way to minimize the amount of mess the children make is to keep them outside of the house. Organize fun family activities on weekends, or if it is summer, just encourage them to play in the yard. Your family outings do not have to be expensive or exhausting.  There are plenty of fun and free activities that can keep the kids out of the house, such as going to a library or finding a new playpark.

Give Out Chores

Include your kids in the maintenance process. Keeping the house clean during the weeks when it is being viewed is going to be a big undertaking, and it should not be up to you alone. Create a chore chart and assign responsibilities to each child, even if it is just keeping their room tidy. If you are not sure about what jobs you can give them, this age-appropriate chore chart by Molly Maid can help.

Become A Stain Expert

Kids make messes. As a parent, you have probably come to accept this. However, buyers may not feel the same way, and you need to be able to tackle that grape juice stain on the carpet or the crayon marks on the sofa. Learn to get rid of any stain, from baby food to permanent marker, using a small selection of basic household cleaners.   

Master The Art Of The Quick Clean

Last-minute viewings do happen, so have a strategy in place for getting the house ready in a moment’s notice. Your last-minute cleaning list should include picking up everything off the floor, sweeping and vacuuming highly visible areas, making the bed, wiping down the kitchen, and taking out the trash.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Don’t underestimate the value of a nice-looking front yard. Good landscaping can add anywhere between 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent to your sale price, so it literally pays not to neglect it. Parents can start by clearing the front yard of any children’s toys, old bikes, and other outdoor clutter. Then, rope in your kids for a gardening session, planting a couple of flower beds for a touch of color.

Remember that the more you commit to home staging, the more likely you are to sell your home quickly. It is a bit of effort, but ultimately you are better off working to keep a staged home for a few weeks than to keep waiting for a buyer for several months. Besides, there are worse things than living in a clean and clutter-free home.

Anaheim Attractions in the Fall

For most of America, the end of summer is paired with visions of pumpkin patches, hayrides and fallen leaves. ?Is it really even fall if you?re not out picking apples in boots and a cozy sweater?

However, when you think of California weather, these images aren?t exactly what comes to mind. ?When someone says California, you?re actually probably thinking about trips to the beach and al fresco dining.

In Anaheim, temperatures usually stay in the mid-seventies. ?It?s not quite sweater weather and if you?re outside in boots, you might be wishing for sandals to magically appear in the trees amongst the apples.

Luckily, fall is a state of mind. ?No matter where you are, regardless of the weather, you can still take part in your favorite traditions. ?So grab a pumpkin spice latte, throw on a scarf and let?s take a look at all the fun fall activities Anaheim has to offer.

Enjoy Seasonal Beers at a Local Brewery

Favorites among local Anaheim Breweries include Bottle Logic Brewing, Noble Ale Works and Bruery Terreux. ?According to several online reviews, all three of these breweries have the following in common: ?a unique and wide selection of beer to choose from, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a bustling atmosphere. ?Check out their seasonal selections when you stop by in the fall. ?There?s so much more to fall drinks than your average Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Pick a Pumpkin

When it comes to fall, all roads lead to pumpkins. ?Even in the warmer California climate, you can still find the perfect pumpkin to carve among one of their many pumpkin patches.

The Pumpkin Factory, a local favorite, is the spot where all things fall emerge. ?Not only do they have tons of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, but they?ve also completed their experience by providing guests with a petting zoo, games, corn maze, carnival rides, ponies, food and so much more.

Head there in the afternoon and make a day of it. ?There?s so much to see and do, you?ll never want to leave.

Enjoy the Views

Getting up high and seeing a great view is a fun activity year-round, but doing so in the fall makes it that much better. ?Not only will you enjoy the colors and scenery of fall from above, but you?ll also enjoy it in a cooler climate.

At A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure you can purchase early morning tickets for a tour that include breakfast, champagne and wine tastings. ?There?s no better opportunity to check this off your bucket list.


For the most part, people don?t think of Anaheim without thinking of Disneyland. ?Although Disneyland is a notorious spring and summer destination, a visit in the fall will not leave you disappointed.

In fact, Disneyland is noted for being more fall-friendly than one may think. ?Parents will appreciate smaller crowds while kids will love the decorations and fall-themed rides spread throughout the park.

In terms of events, consider stopping by Mickey?s Halloween Party. ?Dress up and visit the park for a new magical experience each year complete with costumes, surprises in your hotel room and more.

As if Thanksgiving wasn?t already magical enough, imagine spending it with your family at America?s favorite theme park. ?A Thanksgiving at Disneyland includes meals prepared by world-class chefs enjoyed alongside your family?s favorite Disney characters.

Partake in the Anaheim Fall Festival

It?s a true Anaheim tradition. ?Locals and travelers alike have been coming together since 1923 to have a ball in the name of fall. ?Recently the festival has become Halloween-focused and includes attractions such as a pumpkin patch, costume contests, carnival games, live music, local vendors and so much more.

Admission is free to Anaheim Fall Festival, making it accessible to all. ?So get the family together and take part in a celebration that has something for everyone.

Watch the Anaheim Halloween Parade

The Anaheim Fall Festival would not be complete without the Anaheim Halloween Parade. ?Ghosts, monsters and witches line the streets of downtown Anaheim to spook and entertain families who travel to the sidewalks each year.

Locals see the parade as an opportunity for businesses and organizations and the creative personalities that come out of them to showcase all that makes Anaheim a truly special place. ?Furthermore, the parade is seen as an opportunity to restore and maintain a true sense of community pride. ??If you want to get to know this little town, the Halloween Parade is the right time and place to do so.

It can be tough to get in the fall spirit without cool temperatures, we understand. ?Luckily for you, Anaheim does every other aspect of fall and they do it well. ?So grab your favorite flannel and head out to see the sites. ?Winter will be here before you know it!

10 Tips For The Big Move

After deciding on the perfect location,?it?s?now?time for the big move. When planning for your upcoming move,?it is important not to overlook even the seemingly small tasks that can make a big difference in facilitating a low-stress move and avoiding major hiccups.?The?checklist?below?will help?you on your way to?a seamless move.?

  1. Create a budget for all your moving expenses before getting started. Consider what resources you have and?assess whether hiring movers will be necessary. Determine?if home repairs will be needed, and?the?general costs?associated with moving materials?and?the appropriate?equipment?needed?before the anticipated move out date.??
  1. Make sure that your moving company is licensed and insured by verifying their?DOT?number. This ensures that your belongings will be properly cared for and?protected?during the move. Be aware that not all?moving companies?are qualified to move?fragile or?larger items.??Those items?may require hiring?specialty movers.??
  1. Address minor home repairs like cleaning the carpets or repainting the walls?and taking care of minor touch ups. This should be of particular interest to renters given the need to?return?the?rented property?to the owner in the same condition they received it, and to homeowners who are handing over their home to the new buyers.? If there are damages caused during the move out of the home the new buyers could require the sellers to correct those damages, so may as well handle them before they become a problem.??
  1. Be sure to service your vehicles ahead of time?if you?re driving long distance or out of state.? Servicing your vehicle?could prevent?unpredicted breakdowns which can?save you?money and prevent?potential stress and anguish?in an already stressful time.??
  1. Before?hitting the road?label your boxes?and use color coded labels to indicate which rooms?each box belongs to.?This will save you time on the back end of your move,?and?help the movers take the right boxes to the right rooms, so that once the move is complete, you are not left moving heavy boxes from one room to the other.???
  1. Measure the space?of your new home?ahead of time to ensure all your furniture and belongings?will be able to comfortably fit in the space.?
  1. To dispose of miscellaneous and unwanted items that you plan on leaving behind, have a garage sale?or make a goodwill donation.?
  1. Make arrangements for a babysitter or pet sitter during the move to keep kids and pets safe and out of the way during the move.??
  1. Be sure to have your?mail forwarded?to your new address and update your?voter registration?accordingly. Update billing information on your bank cards, checks, and remember to shut off utilities and services you will no longer need at your new residence.?
  2. Take a deep breathe and remember this is a process and not an event.? It takes time to move out and get situated in your new place.? Don?t over do it.? Find a comfortable pace that works for you and the family?and stick to it.?

The moving process doesn?t have to be overly stressful if you plan it right.? Be sure to schedule the planning process?well?in advance, and use these 10 steps as a guide to assist you along the way.? Make sure to get the right help and don?t be afraid to ask for an extra hand from friends and family.???Moving into a new home is a time to begin a new?chapter of your life and create new and lasting memories.? Be sure to take it all in and enjoy the journey.????

Things To Do In Anaheim CA

When you think of Anaheim, CA, the first thing that comes to mind may be Disneyland.? But if you?re in the mood for an experience that?s a little more unique, or allows you to have some PG-13 fun, you?ll be pleased to know that Anaheim has a lot more to offer than roller coasters and people dressed in giant mouse costumes.

For the Craft Beer Lover

All PG-13 fun begins with drinks and luckily, there?s plenty of high-quality craft beer to choose from in Anaheim.? The first brewery in the area opened in 1870 and, today, the craft beer community is thriving.

The three highest rated breweries on RateBeer.com include Bottle Logic Brewing, Noble Ale Works and Bruery Terreux. According to several online reviews, all three of these breweries have the following in common: a unique and wide selection of beer to choose from, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a bustling atmosphere.

For the Artistic Type

At the Anaheim Garden Walk, not only will you have access to a variety of popular restaurants and shops, but you?ll also be able to enjoy exhibits featured at the Artists Republic gallery.? Since their location switched from Laguna Beach, Artists Republic has been able to open one of their most popular exhibits, the Mural Garden. Here you?ll find seventeen large-scale, evolving murals right above the gallery.

When you think theatre, chances are, the east coast comes to mind and, more specifically, Broadway. What many don?t know is that California has a rich community of talented performers and writers. South Coast Repertory (SCR) is a Tony-award winning theatre featuring plays and performances by some of America?s most creative talents. With a mission to bring human experience to light, SCR is rated one of the best theatres in America and a must-see when visiting Anaheim.

For the Night Owl

If live music and good food are on your radar, you?ll want to check out Anaheim?s new House of Blues located on the Garden Walk. This venue will hold up to 2,200 guests in its main concert while still having space around the building for other private events, art displays and a restaurant serving southern-inspired dishes. Every week they have rotating theme nights such as ?Geeks Who Drink? trivia nights on Tuesdays and ?Nashville Night? where happy hour is served till last call.

Drinking with friends is more fun when games are involved.? The Blind Donkey is on the same page which is why they?ve set up pool tables, dart boards, shuffleboard, arcade games and a photo booth so you and your friends will have plenty to choose from.

For the Foodie

If you?re really making the most of the local nightlife, you?re probably waking up with just enough time to make yourself presentable and head out to brunch.? At Habana, you can enjoy a Cuban-style, all-you-can-eat, alfresco brunch buffet with a little bit of background music to set the mood.

Just like with any other buffet experience, you?ll need some time to recover.? If you build up enough of an appetite for dinner, you can splurge at THE RANCH where several of the reviews on TripAdvisor begin with ?best? and end with ?ever?.

And finally, when you?re ready for dessert, you can?t back away from Anaheim without enjoying one of Sweet Cup?s famous dessert tacos (only served on taco Tuesdays).? These delicious treats are made with a waffle cone taco and rolled ice-cream base with a wide variety of toppings.

For the Instagrammer

The first stop on your Instagram journey is the Anaheim Packing House located in a shopping center referred to as the Packing District.? Built in 1919, the Packing House was a spot for local farmers to bring their fresh citrus and packed it into wooden crates.? Today, this building acts as a food hall where the community comes together for food and entertainment.? Scattered greenery and natural lighting will catch many eyes in an Instagram newsfeed.

For your second stop you can hop right next door and visit The MAKE Building.? This adult beverage paradise opened in the early 1900s as a marmalade factory and is filled with bygone-era decorations, a perfect backdrop to put on your Instagram feed.

For the Whole Family

At Adventure City, there are plenty of age-appropriate activities for the littlest members of your family.? If your family doesn?t have patience for long lines, this is the place for you.

For some educational fun, be sure your family stops by Aquarium of the Pacific where you can get up close and personal with over 12,500 different marine species.? Family members of all ages will be in awe as the family will learns some valuable information on better ways to respect our planet and enhances their appreciation for marine life.

We would be remiss if we didn?t mention the happiest place on earth..? Disneyland opened its doors on July 17, 1955 and has fueled Orange County to open up several of aforementioned businesses for a more high-quality and diverse tourist experience.? You?ll become a part of the nostalgia, magic and wonder that Disney movies are famous for when you enjoy the cinematic experience Disneyland has to offer kids and adults of all ages and interests.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, you?ll find that Anaheim has something for everyone to appreciate.? Colleagues, family members, clients and friends will love taking part in the world-famous attractions and events found here.? Start planning your visit today!